Friday, 14 December 2012

Planning Meeting 11.30, 15th December 2012 at the RCA Sculpture Cafe, Battersea.

Artists from RCA sculpture met in the cafe today and discussed the project. 
Mark, Lina, Noga, Katrin, Louise, Harry, Yandi and Sol (Richard's friend who is a curator) were present.

It was proposed that:

- there will be a one day group residency (to kickstart the project) on Wednesday 9th January. Everyone currently involved in the project (and others who are interested) are invited to spend a day at the space. We will use the discussion roundtable and screening area. Individuals and groups can begin responding to the space.

- we should all be thinking about angles of research that we want to explore during this ongoing project. So far, we have talked about the politics of space (the New York based group WAGE was discussed briefly) and we have begun to question the art-site relationship, particularly in regard to curatorial conventions and the tropes of the gallery space, the warehouse space, and the now ubiquitous temporary use of empty offices as exhibition spaces.

- Lina has proposed doing some sound-based rehearsals in January. Everyone has been encouraged to put forward ideas for events, meetings, screenings, performance evenings and exhibitions in the space.

- Petr will lead making the roundatable. Rodrigo will be in charge of the projection screen area.

- We have considered using the downstairs space for meetings, group work and screenings/performance, and using the upstairs space for exhibition.

- Everyone would like to get Jack involved, perhaps in curating a performance programme.

- Cathy will be organising some group events in January, which will aim to get artists involved from outside the RCA and AltMFA.

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